The Nappyline

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There is now so much choice when buying washable nappies, that it’s easy to make an expensive mistake.

I hope I can help you to make the right decisions on which washable nappies are best for you, your child and your lifestyle.

Making the right choice is imperative if you are to successfully cloth nappy your baby.

The best Modern Cloth Nappies on the market are not easily available on the high street. Beware of nappies which have won an award! The best nappies are often made by tiny companies, who put all their budget into improving their nappies, rather than advertising and entering Award competitions!

You can try nappies out before you decide what to buy. A trial can be taylor made for you, so you try several nappies out first, to see which ones fit your child and your lifestyle best. Go through the Personal Q&A session if you want to do this. It’s an excellent way to help you make the right decision, and not make an expensive mistake.

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Wool or alpaca soaker Nappy Cover